“The Golden Key to the Tales of Wonder”

Or“ Fairy tales in the life of the child”

A workshop presented in four points on the characteristics of the tale of wonder and how and why they are essential to the child’s development.

  • We will hear a tale of wonder

  • We will receive the “golden key” and with it we will discover together the symbolism of the tale just heard

  • We will look at the characteristics of the tale of wonder

  • We will examine how the tale of wonder is a unique pedagogical tool

This workshop is a tribute to the art of storytelling and its powerful and meaningful effect of wonder on the child. It is addressed to anyone in contact with children: parents, grandparents, teachers, teenagers, educators, coach, etc… This workshop widens our sense of wonder and understanding of the tale.

“By an ironic paradox of time, the playful symbolism of the folk tale, today seems to us more true, more powerful to survive, than the might and weight of myth. Hence, when the acids of the modern spirit dissolved the kingdom of the gods, the tales in their essence were hardly touched. So that we may say that out of the whole symbol-building achievement of the past, what survives to us today is the tale of wonder.” (Joseph Campbell, in The Complete Grimm’s Fairy tales, Pantheon Books, New York, 1980, p. 862-863.)