Creation of a  Table Figure

This workshop is well loved by parents and teachers, and has proven to be a fun and creative way to make a beautiful toy to offer to a child, a group of children or for yourself. He/She could become a guardian for the night or for a class, a group.

No particular skills are required to successfully and beautifully complete such figures, except an interest and excitement for the creating process and the joy that follows.

This workshop is a minimum of five hours and consists of making a table figure similar to the ones used by the storyteller: a king or a queen, a prince or a princess, a young boy or a young girl, a grandfather or a grandmother, a magician, all the archetypes who will become heroes and heroines.

Each step is clearly explained and demonstrated and all the necessary materials provided. First the head is shaped with carded wool covered with cotton, dyed into many different flesh colours. The body is then put together with sheets of 100% wool felt, a solid yet supple fibre. The mixing of a chosen colour begins to create the particular “personality” of the figure. Finally, the hair and the face complete each creation.